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'Indiscretion' Blog Tour Stop, Official Book Launch and International Book Giveaway Draw with Author Hannah Fielding!

I would like to welcome Hannah Fielding to 'The Secret Writer' blog as part of her blog tour and for the 'Official Release Day' of her new novel 'Indiscretion'. 

When Hannah was a child, her governess told her fairy stories. These tales, full of superstition and magic, were Hannah's first inspiration, and the warmth and colour they still evoke greatly influence her writing. They were also the experience through which Hannah learned to become a storyteller, as her governess and herself had an agreement – whenever she told Hannah a story,Hannah would have to tell her one in return.
As a novelist, Hannah is obsessed by vivid colours, lush landscapes and tales of exotic customs in far-off lands. Hannah can trace much of this back to a dear and long-departed friend of her family Mr Chiumbo Wangai, who fascinated her as a teenager with stories of the witch-doctors and magical ceremonies in his native Kenya. When Hannah visited the country herself, she soon fell in love with its beautiful countryside and unforgettable sunsets.
Though Hannah has been telling stories since she was a child, it was only after her children had grown up and her husband and herself had turned their family business into a success that she felt that she could devote herself to writing full time. After Hannah dug out the various ideas and sketches that she had jotted down over the years, she realised how profoundly her travels throughout Europe, the Mediterranean and particularly Africa had burned themselves into her memory. Hannah felt driven to turn them into a novel.
The mystery, magic, heat and passion of Kenya’s landscapes inspired Hannah to use them as the setting for her first novel. Burning Embers, a passionate love story set against the backdrop of the country in 1970. Her later travels through Europe provided rich fodder for more stories, including another new novel, The Echoes of Love, set in Venice and Tuscany, Italy.
Hannah's latest novel 'Indiscretion'  tells a tale of secrets, danger and passion under the scorching Spanish sun! Set in the wild landscape of Andalucia, 'Indiscretion' is a compelling story of love and identity, danger and desire, and the uncertainty of happiness when two worlds collide. Written in Hannah Fielding's signature style, infused with an old-school Hollywood glamour, 'Indiscretion' evokes the drama and passion of 1950s post-war Spain.

I am delighted that Hannah has been able to join us today for the Official Book Launch of her wonderful new novel 'Indiscretion' and so I will now leave Hannah to explain why she has probably chosen Spain as the geographical setting on which to base her latest novel! :-)

My Romance with Spain

My romance with Spain started when I was in my teens after I saw a film called The Pleasure Seekers. The wonderful setting and atmospheric music made me dream and triggered my imagination. Then once I had visited that beautiful country the seeds for Indiscretion were sown.

Spain is a fiery land of passions and drama. All year there are azure skies, dazzling sunshine and sweetly fragranced gardens… colour, romance, emotion and the flamboyant figure of a flamenco dancer or the torero in the arena, sword and cape in hand beneath the scorching sun. Let me share a few of the cultural features of this fascinating country:

  • Flamenco: It is the supreme art of the country, and such a beautiful one. Each interpreter’s personality, character and life experience comes out in their song, their dance, their playing: solitude, suffering, love, joy, passion and death. A dancer’s small gesture can speak volumes; a cantaor, a flamenco singer, in a single stifled cry can communicate a lifetime of longing. It’s a living art with its own dialect, traditions and rules – it’s a way of life, a way of perceiving and interpreting daily existence, and because of this it’s in a permanent state of evolution.
  • Abanico: the ‘secret’ language of the hand fan that women in Spain have been using since the nineteenth century as an instrument of communication, a tool for flirtation and a means to convey secret messages in an age when freedom of speech for women was totally restricted. It is said that this tradition was passed from mother to daughter to use in situations where conversation was not considered proper, and to prevent indiscretions when faced with lovers and potential suitors in a social situation. Depending on how the women held or moved their fans, men would understand what they were trying to say.
  • Architecture: The Moorish conquest of Spain in the early eighth century and their ruling of Spain for almost seven centuries led to the creation of an era of magnificent architecture built in the Al-Ándalus style. One of the distinguishing characteristics of Moorish architecture is that the exterior is plain but the interior is exquisitely ornate. Elements of nature included in these buildings are courtyards with gardens, fountains, reflecting pools and beautiful landscapes. Tiled wainscotings in colourful geometric patterns are also found in the majority of the rooms along with mosaic patterns created with pebbles. Among the surviving examples are the Alhambra and Generalife of Granada, the Alcázar and Giralda of Seville, and the Mezquita of Cordoba.
  • Traditions: Take a walk to the market place in the early evening and watch the paseo, a stroll around the square in which young people socialise with each other. Experience the tapear, going from one bar to another for drinks and tapas – an essential part of the social culture of Spain.
  • Ferias: Fairs are charged with music and dance, conjuring an image of open air, moonlight sky, and all the aromas that a warm summer’s night has to offer. You find women in brightly coloured dresses, silk shawls, and rainbow-painted fans on horseback with their novios and dancing the most evocative sevillanas.
All this and so much more contributed to my romance with Spain.

You can find out much more about Hannah and her work by visiting her website. Just follow the web link given below:

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'Indiscretion' Book Giveaway!! 

Thanks to Mira PR I have three copies of Hannah Fielding's latest novel 'Indiscretion' to giveaway in a special prize draw linked to this post. Mira PR will directly mail the prizes to the winners on completion of the prize draw. Please click on the Followers International Monthly Book Draw tab at the top of my webpage for further details, or the direct 'click here' web link highlighted below :-)

Thank you again Mira PR, for providing this wonderful and very generous opportunity for my blog followers and thank you too Hannah for joining with us here today! :-)

'End of Days' by Susan Ee

Release date:21st May 2015 
Published by: Hodder Paperbacks
ISBN No:978 1444778557

After a daring escape from the angels, Penryn and Raffe are on the run. They're both desperate to find a doctor who can reverse the twisted changes inflicted by the angels on Raffe and Penryn's sister. As they set off in search of answers, a startling revelation about Raffe's past unleashes dark forces that threaten them all.
When the angels release an apocalyptic nightmare onto humans, both sides are set on a path toward war. As unlikely alliances form and strategies shift, who will emerge victorious? Forced to pick sides in the fight for control of the earthly realm, Raffe and Penryn must choose: Their own kind, or each other?

Copyright: Amazon Synopsis

'The Letter' by Kathryn Hughes

Release date:7th May 2015 
Published by:Headline Review
ISBN No:978 1472229953

Tina Craig longs to escape her violent husband. She works all the hours God sends to save up enough money to leave him, also volunteering in a charity shop to avoid her unhappy home. Whilst going through the pockets of a second-hand suit, she comes across an old letter, the envelope firmly sealed and unfranked. Tina opens the letter and reads it - a decision that will alter the course of her life for ever...
Billy Stirling knows he has been a fool, but hopes he can put things right. On 4th September 1939 he sits down to write the letter he hopes will change his future. It does - in more ways than he can ever imagine...

Copyright: Amazon Synopsis

'The Tide Watchers' by Lisa Chaplin

Release date:30th June 2015 
Published by:William Morrow Paperbacks
ISBN No:978 0062379122

In the tradition of Jennifer Robson, comes this compelling debut that weaves the fascinating story of a young woman who must risk her life as a spy to help stop Napoleon’s invasion of Great Britain in the winter of 1803.
Though the daughter of an English baronet, Lisbeth has defied convention by eloping to France with her new husband. But when he breaks her heart by abandoning her, she has nowhere to turn and must work in a local tavern. Her only hope for the future is to be reunited with her young son who is being raised by her mother-in law.
A seasoned spy known by his operatives as Tidewatcher, Duncan apprenticed under Lisbeth’s father and pledged to watch over his mentor’s only daughter while he searches the Channel region for evidence that Bonaparte has built a fleet to invade Britain. But unpredictable Lisbeth challenges his lifelong habit of distance.
Eccentric, brilliant American inventor Robert Fulton is working on David Bushnell’s “turtle”—the first fully submersible ship—when he creates brand-new torpedo technology, which he plans to sell to the French Navy. But when his relationship with Bonaparte sours, he accepts Tidewatcher’s help to relocate to the French side of the Channel, but he refuses to share his invention. With an entire army encamped in the region, blocking off all access, Tidewatcher must get that submersible, along with someone who knows how to use it, to uncover Bonaparte’s great secret.
When Lisbeth is asked to pose as a housekeeper and charm Fulton so she can learn to use the submersible before the invasion fleet sails, she will be forced to sacrifice herself for her country—but is she willing to sacrifice her heart when she’s already lost it to another…?

Copyright: Harper Collins Synopsis

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UK World Book Night 2015

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'Soundless' by Richelle Mead

Release date:10th November 2015
Published by: Razorbill
ISBN No:978 1595147639

For as long as Fei can remember, there has been no sound in her village, where rocky terrain and frequent avalanches prevent residents from self-sustaining. Fei and her people are at the mercy of a zipline that carries food up the treacherous cliffs from Beiguo, a mysterious faraway kingdom. When villagers begin to lose their sight, deliveries from the zipline shrink and many go hungry. Fei's home, the people she loves, and her entire existence is plunged into crisis, under threat of darkness and starvation. But soon Fei is awoken in the night by a searing noise, and sound becomes her weapon. Richelle Mead takes readers on a triumphant journey from the peak of Fei's jagged mountain village to the valley of Beiguo, where a startling truth and an unlikely romance will change her life forever....

Copyright: The Book Depository Synopsis