Monday, 27 April 2015

'Trust Me' by Claire Lorrimer

Release date:29th May 2015 
Published by: Severn House Publishers Ltd
ISBN No:978 0727884992

A newly engaged young couple's relationship is threatened by jealousy and danger ...can love triumph against the odds? It was love at first sight for Antonia 'Toni' Ward and her fiance, Justin Metcalfe. The passionate couple holiday in Spain, but their whirlwind six-week romance is soon in jeopardy as jealousy threatens to tear them apart. Can Justin really be trusted? When Justin sprains his ankle playing golf and ends up in a Spanish hospital, Toni meets Aaron Osborn, who suffered serious injuries after a horrific skiing accident which killed his wife. As Aaron and Toni's friendship flourishes over the next few weeks, the young couple's relationship comes under mounting pressure. Back in England Toni may only see Aaron as a friend, but he desperately wants to take Justin's place - and will stop at nothing in his attempts to make Toni his own.

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'Something to Hide' by Deborah Moggach

Release date:2nd July 2015
Published by: Chatto and Windus
ISBN No:978 1784740467

‘ Nobody in the world knows our secret... that I've ruined Bev's life, and she's ruined mine.’
Petra’s romantic life has always been a car-crash, and even in her sixties she’s still capable of getting it disastrously wrong. But then she falls in love with Jeremy, an old chum, visiting from abroad. The fatal catch? Jeremy is her best friend’s husband.
But just as Petra is beginning to relax into her happy ever after, she finds herself catapulted to West Africa, and to Bev, her best friend who she’s been betraying so spectacularly. Meanwhile, on opposite sides of the world, two other women are also struggling with the weight of betrayal: Texan Lorrie is about embark on the biggest deception of her life, and in China Li-Jing is trying to understand exactly what it is her husband does on his West African business trips. . .
It turns out that no matter where you are in the world, everyone has something to hide. Can Bev – can anyone – be trusted?

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'Swords Around The Throne' by Ian Ross

Release date:2nd July 2015 
Published by: Head of Zeus
ISBN No:978 1784081164

The second novel in this epic series, set at the end of the Roman Empire, sees a treasonous conspiracy threatening to bring down the Emperor Constantine. Only one man's courage stands between the rebels and victory.
Rewarded for saving the emperor's life in battle, centurion Aurelius Castus is promoted to the Corps of Protectores, the elite imperial bodyguard, the swords around the throne.
But he soon discovers the court to be just as hazardous as the battlefield; behind the gilded facade of empire, there are spiralling plots, murderous betrayals and dangerous seductions. And one relentless enemy.

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'My Italian Kitchen' by Laura Cassai

Release date:16th July 2015 
Published by: Hardie Grant Books
ISBN No:978 1743790021

A fresh new face in the culinary world, Laura Cassai is celebrated for her sophisticated and creative twist on classic Italian recipes. In her debut cookbook, Laura takes the home-style recipes passed down from her Italian nonnas and elevates them with new ingredients and techniques, creating a modern take on Italian cooking that s perfectly suited to 21st century entertaining and yet stands up to the age-old perfection of traditional Italian cuisine.
Laura s 75 mouth-watering and fuss-free recipes are divided into chapters including Antipasti; The Garden; The Sea; The Land; Sweets; and The Pantry. Delight in the rolled gnocchi with porcini mushroom, caramelised onions and crispy sage; grilled scampi with anchovy butter; or her modern take on the tiramisu chestnut forest dessert.
In My Italian Kitchen, Laura breathes new life into one of the world s most popular and accessible cuisines.

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'Unbranded' by Ben Masters et al.

Release date:30th April 2015 
Published by:Texas A and M University Press
ISBN No:978 1623492809

On an epic 3,000-mile journey through the most pristine back country of the American West, four friends rode horseback across an almost contiguous stretch of unspoiled public lands, border to border, from Mexico to Canada. For their trail horses, they adopted wild mustangs from the US Bureau of Land Management that were perfectly adapted to the rocky terrain and harsh conditions of desert and mountain travel. A meticulously planned but sometimes unpredictable route brought them face to face with snow pack, downpours, and wildfire; unrelenting heat, raging rivers, and sheer cliffs; jumping cactus, rattlesnakes, and charging bull moose; sickness, injury, and death. But they also experienced a special camaraderie with each other and with the mustangs. Through it all, they had a constant traveling companion - a cameraman, shooting for the documentary film Unbranded . The trip's inspiration and architect, Ben Masters, is joined here by the three other riders, Ben Thamer, Thomas Glover, and Jonny Fitzsimons; two memorable teachers and horse trainers; and the film's producers and intrepid cameramen in the telling of this improbable story of adventure and self-discovery.

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'A Rothschild Renaissance: The Waddesdon Bequest' by Dora Thornton

Release date:8th June 2015 
Published by: British Museum Press
ISBN No:978 0714123455

This book presents and explore s the Waddesdon Bequest, the name given to the Kunstkammer or cabinet collection of Renaissance treasures which was bequeathed to the British Museum by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild, MP in 1898. The Bequest is named after Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire, a fairy tale French chateau built by Baron Ferdinand from 1874-83, where the collection was housed during his lifetime. As a major Jewish banking family, the Rothschild's were the greatest collectors of the nineteenth century, seeking not only the finest craftsmanship in their treasures, but also demonstrating great discernment and a keen sense of historical importance in selecting them. Baron Ferdinand's aim, often working in rivalry with his cousins, was to possess a special room filled with splendid, precious and intricate objects in the tradition of European courts of the Renaissance and Baroque periods . It was understood at the time that a collection of this quality could never be formed again, given the rarity and expense of the pieces, and the problems of faking and forgery of just this kind of material. The book will unlock the history and romance of this glorious collection through its exploration of some of its greatest treasures and the stories they tell. It will introduce makers and patrons, virtuoso craftsmanship, faking and the history of collecting from the late medieval to modern periods, as told through the objects .Treasures discussed will include masterpieces of goldsmiths work in silver ; jewellery ; hardstones and engraved rock crystal; astonishing microcarvings in boxwood, painted enamel, ceramic and glass; arms and armour and curosities: exotic treasures incorporating ostrich eggs, Seychelles nut, amber or nautilus shell. Scholarly catalogues have appeared for parts of this splendid collection but this book will open up the Bequest for the general reader. By looking at individual objects in detail, and drawing on new photography and research, the book will enable readers to see and understand the objects in a completely different light.

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